New Building Project

“Learning is strengthened and enhanced when it occurs in a safe, secure and healthy environment.
Our school has three blocks that has been ravaged by the monsoon floods and is in disrepair.
By the immense grace of God and with the help of kind hearted people we were able to lift and renovate 1995 block and dedicated it on 5th October 2021.
When the monsoon rains flooded Chennai once again in November 2021. The good news is, Opportunity School building that was lifted 5 feet and renovated was standing high and dry! The flood waters haven’t encroached the building, so we can call this phase of the project a great success. But unfortunately, other two blocks were once again flooded making it indispensable for us to renovate it.
At present we are on the process of raising funds towards this cause. You can join hands with us and make this school a better place for these special children.
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Please send your check payable to SOSMC. SOSMC (Supporters of the Opportunity School for Mentally-Challenged Children) is a 501(c) (3) organization. Your donation is tax-deductible.
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