About us

Miss. Kasthuri Devaraj (Correspondent)
Mrs.Amali Vincent (Headmistress)
BKN Campus
5&6 Ritherdon Road
Vepery, Chennai – 600 007

Opportunity School was established in the 1969 and over the past 45 years of service the Institution has grown from strength in terms  of number, program and achievements. The current school strength is 142 out of which 28 children are accommodated in the School Hostel. Over the past 45 years, more than 807 children have left the school after completion of their training. The School obtained its recognition in 1984.

There are 13 trained special educators, 5 instructors for different Vocational units such as, screen printing, carpentry and painting, tailoring, canteen and petty shop, a Physical therapist, a social worker, a computer instructor, music teacher and administrative staff.

The children are admitted at the age of 3 years in the Early Intervention class. The children are assigned to classes by taking into account their chronological as well as their mental age. During the initial years of schooling in the Early Intervention, Pre-Primary and Primary classes, importance is given to training in the areas of self help skills such as eating, toileting, grooming, dressing and social skills. Priority goals in the ADLS or Activities of daily living skills are stressed and achieved during these initial years of training.





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