Every year 10 children are graduating from Opportunity School. In the community, the mentally challenged children are challenged while commuting to the working place, handling work pressures, adjusting to the unknown environment, and finding a job in the society.  Very few girls are placed in sheltered homes. Girls are not provided with proper security in the working environment.

I have a burden to keep these children safe and find them jobs according to the intellectual quotient, ability and their interest. They long to earn their own living.  It makes them happy, and improves their self esteem and confidence.

The Opportunity School motto is to lift and lead the children with affection and love. This will enrich them to do the work with perfection. The shelter workshop will lessen the burden of the parents and the financial burden too.

It is our ultimate aim to open a shelter workshop for boys and girls. This will bring ignition to their future life.

Hence I request kind hearted people to come forward to lend your property /Donate toward this sheltered workshop. It will be eye opening for the Mentally challenged adult.

Opportunity school scheme where you can help

Food scheme for children:

Morning Breakfast for 30 students /day (Only Hostel students)

Rs. 2,000/-

Lunch for 134 students / day

Rs. 10,000/-

Night dinner for 20 students /day (Only Hostel students)

Rs. 2,000/-


Schemes for school children per year:

Educational support for a child Rs. 15,600/-
Early Intervention Equipments/Teaching Aids & Toys Rs. 5,000/-
Occupational Therapy Equipments Rs. 5,000/-
Teaching Aids and toys for the senior, Junior,Primary and Pri-Primary classes. Rs. 5,000/-
Note Books and stationary Rs. 40,000/-


For further information contact

Opportunity school for the Mentally Challenged Children

5/6Ritherdon Road, BKN Campus, Vepery, Chennai-600 007

or Email us at


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